Norbert "Boro" Schäfer


Bass & Lead - Vocal




  • has been a singer ever since the sixties
  • nice guy who has always stayed younger than he is, a true rock'n roll guy - just like Lemmy, maybe a little softer and with much healthier habits
  • likes to smoke, owns more than one pipe, various kinds of tobacco and has a little hat fetish


Alex Gleichauf


E-& Slide - Guitar & Backing Vocal




  • German Blues Original, physical guy, reminds us of Harrison Ford in the 80ies
  • favorite chord: a double AISm7, 5sept.9major-mollGIS-octave
  • owns an oldschool landline phone, for him progress and technology have never left the 70ies
  • Modest guy - fits in with the rest of us

Alex Hitzel


Drums & no Backing - Vocal (for good reason)


  • Playing approach: Loud, not technical. Don't worry - this is not anger!
  • Youngster of the band
  • charming guy, usually  has a  three day stubble - in his face
  • special skills: can play "Travelin' Band" standing up as a Rumba version with just one hand while shooting straight single malt
  • half German and  half Spanish,  kind  of a handsome hombre

Claudia "Sissi" Gronbach


Keyboard, Ac. - Guitar, Percussion & Backing Vocals



  • a female band member
  • a true lady mastering keys and acoustic strings, in charge of percussion
  • unlike the rest of the band, she is always in tune
  • the optical highlight of the band, lowers the band's average age
  • always has an open ear for well dosed compliments. Always act like a Gentleman when talking to her
  • in charge of stage drinks, band make-up, band fees and jokes about men

Peter Hoffmann


E-& Ac.-Guitar & Backing Vocal

  • prefers to be called Gandalf rather than Bruce Willis
  • he has aged just on the outside. Born into the Beat generation, kinda like the Duracell bunny, restless and focused
  • worships and collects everything that remotely looks like a vintage guitar
  • in charge of vocal harmonies in the band, always struggling with C9, 5chord on the 11th fret
  • he endorses hair spray, and he is funny. Sometimes.

Axel "Saxel" Meier


Guest Musician / Saxophone





  • very tall guy
  • book a balcony ticket and you'll see
  • can even play more instruments (guitar, mouth harp, nail file) even as a member of other bands

Eike Lind


Sound Engineer


  • underpaid but skilled technician. Hey, we need somebody to schlepp our gear in and out of the van
  • thinks he knows what all knobs and buttons of a digi console do, we are trying hard to make him learn 
  • we always use him for our scape goat, even if it was not his fault