Sunset - somewhere in the swamps of the South. A gentle chirp, the sound of croaking and twittering - and a sustaining guitar tone. A tremolo intro in E7 - welcome to  "Born on the Bayou"

Every Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fan is enraptured,  especially when CCR - mastermind John Fogerty declares a musical  war  on  all  advocates  of  clean  and  clear vocals. On many occasions  in the  past - and  yet way more to come - both club owners and  audiences all over Europe  have  experienced  the  CCR  Tribute  Band with the probably most authentic  Fogerty voice: SISSI  A. - Creedence Revived.

The german Tribute Band has  set a  benchmark of how to play and sing CCR-Songs for more than 10 years.

Every  time  Boro  Schäfer  sings  songs  like Fortunate Son, Travelin' Band or  Sweet Hitch Hiker live, it feels  like  a  freight  train  roaring past   both   audience   and   band  mates  on stage.


In  exchange  the  band pays tribute to Boro's efforts  by  powerful  live  performance  giving everything   -   just  as   Fogerty  himself  does when  playing  one  of  his great live concerts. As for any great tribute band, SISSI  A. brings along   typical   CCR   instruments    such   as acoustic guitars and  Dobro, keyboards,  sax, cowbell  and  half  a  tambourine. One  should present   CCR   as  authentically  as possible, right?


Of   course   SISSI  A.   has   spent   countless hours   rehearsing   3  part   vocal  harmonies. You'll be more  than surprised when you listen to it live.

So not only club owners and audiences  like  what  we do, also magazines!  Take  GITARRE & BASS  for  example,  Germany's  top  music  instrument magazine. In their June issue of 2006 SISSI  A. was featured as THE Cover Band with the most authentic CCR sound.


Getting tired of  reading  what others say about us?  One last thing: Please feel free not only to read about us, check out what we sound like. Follow the links to our audio and video samples:                                                                                        


                                                               Bad Moon Rising

Fortunate Son

Proud Mary

Green River





VIDEO:                                                                    Bad Moon Rising

Long As I Can See The Light

Lookin' Out My Back Door

Curious? Convinced?  Feel free to drop a line or call us. We are more than happy to rock your club, your festival,  your boat, whatever.  As long  as there is a s tage and a power socket, we'll come over!